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Everyone who was born before the middle of the ninety's must have a favorite radio station. It is just so that in the time before the 2000's came, people had only this one reliable source of entertainment while on the go.

The favorite radio station would be the one that you just enjoy listening to, which has all you need and gives you the right kind of vibe during every time of the day. In case you don't have something like this, then you should consider searching for one. It will be just like a favorite TV show, but only last for much longer and be more consistent.

How to pick one?

In the today's world where everything is online, it is only normal to expect that also radio stations and their broadcasting will be online too. On iTunes you can find most of the radio stations in the world, but that won't make you realize what is the best one for you. You need to jump into your car, take a ride and go through the available stations. Only this way you will get to see how it actually is to listen to radio and you will realize what your favorite radio station is.

Since the radio has gone online, for the biggest part, you will be able to listen to it at any moment when you have available connection. In other cases, you can just use the radio device and get your daily dose of music. One of the most popular radios is BBC1 radio, but there is also the WHTZ-FM radio station in New York which is the most popular one in the United States. Another big one is KIIS FM, but you will have to try .997 - today's hits and also ABC Lounge. These are the five best radio stations out there, but in case there is still nothing for you there, you can simply search further, there are hundreds of them.